This is NOT your practice life!

Leadership is only effective if it comes from a genuine desire to serve, and from hard-won experience. It’s about showing the path, not telling. My burning desire is to help the people I serve see, and clear, their own obstacles by drawing on my own experience in the same area.

A good leader and mentor must be radically transparent, radically honest... completely real.

What other people are saying about Athena

Athena is great to work with, both as a client, and as a professional. She is one of the best coaches I’ve ever seen. She’s fantastic at connecting with her staff, and getting the most possible out of them.

Taylor Richardson, Founder & CEO at Thrive Insurance

Athena is a driven, growth-minded individual. She is not afraid to go outside her comfort zone, and continues to achieve phenomenal success as a result.

Mike Crandall, Principle at Sandler Training of Oklahoma

Athena has always been an excellent leader and I enjoy working with her a lot.

Chris Dittman, Mortgage Loan Officer at Umpqua Bank

Athena posses an exceptionally positive approach to managing her business. She strives for excellence in all she touches and is an inspiring leader. She has strong business acuity and a solid eye for talent. Athena is the type of leader any business would benefit from having. I recommend her strongly.

Steven D. Turner, Business Development Executive, Enterprise Mortgage and Consumer Lending

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